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What Makes Us Different

Fiberglass Pool Doctor is a small company with connections to fiberglass pool industry leaders. We are able to maintain quality and a personal connection while offering the best solutions. We strive to use the latest advancements in composites ensuring we will remain the leader in the fiberglass pool solutions. All of our finishes are spray applied to ensure a factory like finish.

Our Composites

In the world of fiberglass there are many different solutions derived from a variety of applicators. Fiberglass Pool Doctor has the benefit of important composite industry leaders with access to a wealth of knowledge that we use to ensure that our methods are up to par with industry standards. Composites are difficult in nature to work with due to their necessary understanding and implementing of chemistry. There are many variables to cope with when working with fiberglass. Contrary to popular belief Gel coat finishes must be spray applied. This is necessary to achieve the proper catalyst ratio and material thickness for the necessary exothermic reaction to occur and fully cure the material. Gel coat, originally designed to be applied only in a mold during the manufacturing of composite parts, has been adapted for use in resurfacing/refinishing of pools in the field. A wax is added to the Gel coat in order to cut off air from the Gel coat for curing purposes. This is another reason thickness must be built in one coat as opposed to waiting for cure and applying multiple coats. As the Gel coat surfaces it creates a bonding barrier for future coats of material. Our Gel coats are applied using a plural component spray system. This system controls the catalyst ratio while allowing us to build the Gel coat to the necessary 15 mils thickness (or more) in one continuous application.

We are the only company to offer a Pebble like finish from our Gel coat. We use the Pebble like finish to manipulate the color in water and hide the pools imperfections (ie.Blisters). First the white base coat is applied. Then we spray the blue and/or black dots. The colors and look of this finish varies with each pool.

More Than Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Pool Doctor installs automatic covers as well. This will provide you with an essential safety barrier over your pool. An automatic cover is great for keeping the pools heat in while keeping energy cost low.

Fiberglass Pool Doctor installs attic solar systems, the ultimate in low cost efficient heating systems. This will heat your pool and cool your home. The heater core extracts hot air from your homes attic and uses it to heat your pool. This saves customers on costs to cool the home while delivering free heat to the pool. The system stays in the attic so there is no exposure to all the harsh elements that often quickly deteriorate conventional solar heating systems.

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