Ryan Hirst

How do I stop chalking/staining?

Chalking Does not mean your pool needs to be refinished. It simply means the particles need to be filtered better. We began recommending a device, and full disclosure, selling this device because it does just that.

Simply put it utilizes your existing system and makes it filter better all while providing perfectly balanced water continuously. Pool Tiger is worth at minimum entertaining.

Alternatively, chalking can be remediated by lowering the pool's PH, aggressively brushing walls and floor, add a clarifier or flocking agent, and vacuum particles to waste once they fall to the floor.

It is important to not recirculate the water through the filter as it will not filter out the bulk of the particles because the micron size is smaller than the capabilities of the filter. Be careful not to remove too much water as it will leave the pool vulnerable to “popping” or floating and can severely damage the pool structurally!!

Maintain the water once this is complete with an “anti-scaling” additive. This will help keep particles in suspension and aid in allowing the filter to pick out the particles. This is why we proactively recommend Pool Tiger as it does all this without all the work!!


Why is my pool chalking?

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